Fanfiction Distraction

So since I’ve been taking a break on my school work I allowed myself to read stuff not so academically incline and got sucked into reading two amazing supernatural fanfics of the Kingdom Hearts genre, more specifically in the riku/sora and akuroku and zemxy pairing groups! (so you no like-y shounen ai* you no read-y, yeah??)

In that case I bring you the links of my most recent bout of procrastination!

Warnings: Shounen Ai; Porn: None

All three stories were written and are owned by: LoquitorLatinae

Haunted by an Angel – It was Sora’s first real crush, and it had to be with a dead person. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be love. RikuSora, LeonCloud, AxelRoxas, others. AU. Author’s note addition up.**

Song of the Condemned – Sequel to “Haunted by an Angel”. Two years have passed when a new supernatural enemy arises, and now Roxas has to finally come to terms with his feelings for Axel and just try to survive! AxelRoxas, RikuSora, LeonCloud, DemyxZexion. Author’s Note added!**

Memories of the Forgotten – Oneshot from the “Haunted by an Angel” story arc! Halloween gift from Loqui! Reno thinks Shinra’s HQ is haunted and comes to Axel for help. But what the team will find is much deeper than their typical case and brings back buried memories.**

I haven’t had a chance to read the third one, the oneshot, but I’m sure its just as interesting as the original two stories.  So, if you got time to spare (or even if you don’t but you don’t care) give these fics a read.  I’m sure you’ll be entertained by their suspenseful action and imagery! Happy reading, yo!

*shounen ai = boy love; as in boys fall in love with boys…
**all summaries are the original summaries provided by the author, nothing has been changed (except for the addition of two asterisks .__.** )


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