Teen Top- No More Perfume on You MV

Our Favorite Jail Bait is Back!!lol So I believe Teen Top released this video last week or something. I think that this song is just as good as their other songs. I listen to it on repeat and everything lol. As usual, I really don’t understand the video, but that never stops me from watching it. According to the youtube commenters it’s about cheating?…BAD CHUNJI!lo

They are ohh so adorable in this video and getting a tad bit older. Their dancing in this video is awesome and it gave me a cute Shinee vibe which I like<3


One response to “Teen Top- No More Perfume on You MV

  • ashskylar

    Yea, I saw this shortly after it came out.
    I love the dance in this- they’re in unision which I always appeciate.
    In the beginning they look kind of young, but from the min mark on, they look older–
    They point at the camera too much though… You point at the camera if you’re saying you or something- not when you’re saying oh…

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