Peeta and Gale in Entertainment

I originally saw the cover and was SUPER sad, cause I thought they looked reallly old-

 But thankfully, I saw these ones later, and Im feeling MUCH better about this. In fact- I am freakishly re-excited!

This one of them walking allows me to see that they are indeed NOT 30.  The first thing that I thought of when I saw this the scene where Katniss finds Peeta by the water and he’s practically dead- and then the second thing I thought of is after his crazy time when they’re infiltrating the capital. When I can comfortably put someone elses faces into the places of the creations I imagined them to look like, I begin to feel better about this movie!

That’s a beatiful man for our Gale.

Do I dare to get lost in that depressing world again so quickly?


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5 responses to “Peeta and Gale in Entertainment

  • Jeyna Grace

    Sadly i dont like the actors they chose…

    • ashskylar

      In my imagination- Peeta was more blonde and Gale had darker hair- I was under the impression that his hair was practically black, so I’m going to have to re-read that portion. One thing for sure though, is that Gale and Peeta seem to have the same color skin. Gale is supposed to spend pretty much every waking moment out in the sun- Peeta stuck inside. That the only complaint I have so far.

      You dont like them because of how they look? Or do you know them to not be the greatest actors?

      • Jeyna Grace

        How they look. Josh hutcherson is a good actor, the other guy, i have never seen him. LOL. Their body size and height is what i have imagined them to be, but the look, doesnt fit too right.

  • ashskylar

    Jeyna Grace :

    Their body size and height is what i have imagined them to be, but the look, doesnt fit too right.

    I never really bothered to imagine how Gale looks, because I didn’t care for him much in the books- but Peeta seems right. Theres this new pic out of him in his baker stuffs, in front of the bakery, and I was like– ALL RIGHT, I feel better about this now.

    I’m going to post it later, so if you havent already seen it, maybe it will help you feel better about at least him…

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