Japanese Oddities (aka awesomeness)

SO what have I actually shown up to show you guys today???  Well on one of my most bored days I came upon some cat videos on Youtube (willingly searched -.-“) and thought, “holy cow! cats have bowl fetishes!”  What am I talking about??  Well in Japan there’s this oddity called “neko-nabe”  Its an occurance in which if you have a kitten and a bowl the kitty will climb into the bowl and snuggle in it!  Its so grossly cute that it rots your brain with its fluffy goodness >__<

Now, naturally this bowl/pot effect isn’t totally exclusive to Japanese cats (I’m sure other cats do it too) however they are the ones that take time to record it, lol.

Isn’t it just sooo cute?! I might have more cat videos later for your bored viewing!


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I'm a japanophile who likes yaoi, noodles, spagetti, doujinshii, anime, manga, jrock, jpop, and japan and now i also like kpop and iBB! You guyz can find me on skype all the time! View all posts by rohxez

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