New To My Ears (5)

I have only favorited three things in the last two weeks, though I havent been looking. These are just three things that I came across.

This first one is the new 2NE1 song. Soon as I heard it with a real sound system, I was impressed. CL does some cool things that make me happy. That high note~

This next one is a colab of a bunch of well known, or just talented youtube artist that came together to sing a J Rice original, a tribute to Japan and the US tornado people. After I watched this I went and clicked to all their own pages to see who I needed to be stalking next.

This last one is one of them. This kid is goood. If you go to his youtube, you can see for youself. But– this should be enough to prove it. Be patient with him, this is a slow song.


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2 responses to “New To My Ears (5)

  • rohxez

    i didnt think much of the boys singing but holy crap he’s pretty *o* waaay too pretty it almost hurt to look at him lol
    and i actually really really like 2ne1’s song its was good

  • ashskylar

    Yea, I liked the end is what it was. Gave me shivers (with the kid). Hes a little older now, so his voice is even better.
    The first time I heard the song was on a phone, thats the only reason I didnt like it the first time.

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