New To My Ears (4)

First off this one, I have yet to watch the mv, cause Im obsessed with this game atm that pretty much doesnt allow me do anything else- but this played in the backround for three hours–

Then theres this cover of Everything You Want — I have been listening to Pandora and this song has been showing up on my channel- anyway, I pretty much peed myself when I saw that they had a cover for it.

Now, normally, I dont like songs like this next one- and make sure you dont look into the lyrics on this, but there are two things I love about it. I really like the colors and mv- and I really like how, I dont even know how to explain it musically, but when it kind of– goes out of key? I dont know what its called– Anyway, its also fun to dance to.

The last one is not NEW at all. It is from my past, and it has been the most listened to song so far this year, just in the last week. I listened to it, Im pretty sure, something like 12 hours straight one day…


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