Great YouTube Artists- Original Art Videos

I just found Swoozie the other day, and I love his stuffs. Even when he’s just talking I think he’s the shit. Anyway- this is rather funny. I love it when characters in stuff are just so kick ass that there isnt even a doubt in their mind that they wont win. haha

Swoozie, yous a hilarious geek~

I think the absolute most creative and artistic person on youtube is Julian Smith, so of course- his latest has to be on here.

And, yea- this has been done before, Im sure- but I just love his– sarcasm? There is another one that I’ve favorited recently, HERE. I should have these switched around… the linked one has green screen and everything, heh.

Mystery Guitar man- you are a patient man:

Last one– for now– make sure you watch their other stuff, this one just proves how amazing they are. They have another one like this-

LMAO! I just rewatched this one- go watch it NOW!


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