Peeta and Gale Actors Chosen

If you follow any of the fan sites you are probably already aware of this, but for anyone who might not know. Peeta and Gale have been chosen.

My sister called me to tell me she was going to kill herself over the choices, but after I figured out who they were, I was able to calm her down. She was basing her decision off their looks, which is just rediculous.

Play Peeta will be Josh Hutcherson:

I am SERIOUSLY fine with this. The only thing I have against this is his age, being that he was born in 1990 and so is something like 3 or few years younger then his co-star, Jennifer. But he is the age of the person he’s playing, so its hard. His face and his neck are prefect- and after they put him through intensive workouts and dye his hair blond, he will be practically exactly what I imagined Peeta to look like.

Plus, when he was younger he was in my favorite movie of practically all time, Bridge To Terabthia. Plus he did voice acting for Markl in my other favorite movie, Howl’s Moving Castle. If you haven’t already, check out his IMDb– his work is extensive and I think he will do a lovely job.

And the actor for Gale shall be Liam Hemsworth:

Now this guy is built how I imagine Peeta to look, but I guess Gale is probably fit too. All they have to do with this guy is make him tan and dye his hair black. Hopefully they keep him clean shaven as well- though he is only about a year in age difference from the person he’s playing, so I guess then can keep it…

People might know him from The Last Song- Uh, I don’t remember if he is a good actor- but, he SORT- okay, he doesnt look at all how I imagined Gale to look, but Gale’s not important anyhow. haha


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