Ever thought about what you’re going to do when the government finally screws up and accidentally releases its TOP secret BIOWAR viruses and weapons??  What are you going to do when people start losing their minds and start eating each other? Are you going to be prepared to SURVIVE??

Now now don’t panic my young ignorant! There is a way for you to learn and apply the knowledge of “How to beat the shit out of a zombie before he eats your brains.”

The Zombie Survival Guide is a complete literary guide (obviously) on surviving a zombie epidemic (again obviously)!  Ever since its release back in the year 2003 this guide has served the purpose of teaching even the most dimwitted pacifist the way of the zombie killer. Learning which weapons to use most effectively against zombies, where to shoot a zombie, and many more things have never been made easier.

Note, however, that because this literary work is dated common knowledge on what is known about zombies has change and you must use extra precaution when applying the tactics in this book.

So with that said ladies and gents, grab your rifles, crowbars, and panties its time to train before the going gets rough!


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I'm a japanophile who likes yaoi, noodles, spagetti, doujinshii, anime, manga, jrock, jpop, and japan and now i also like kpop and iBB! You guyz can find me on skype all the time! View all posts by rohxez

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