College Basketball – Could This Be a New Lifelong Obsession?

I’ve been watching college basketball a lot lately. My moms work is having one of those tournament things, which just gave me a reason to get into something new. Unfortunately, I have no chance of winning because I had Notre Dame winning the whole thing- (The only team I knew at the time) – So now I can just watch it for fun! This makes me happy, because there are some impressive teams that I didn’t even have making it to the sweet sixteen. Florida St, Kansas, Ohio St.

I was obsessed with how Kansas played for some reason- it just seemed like they didn’t even need to look at their team mates, they just seemed to know they were there.

Anyway, in the spirit of learning something new I’ve been asking questions about the game in general and know the names of some players that made an impression on me so far- I remember Erving Walker from Florida, and Morningstar and the Morris twins from the Kansas Jayhawks. Those last three made the most impression on me. At least some of these players are juniors so I might get to watch them play for another year. I’m not sure who of those or others are planning to play professionally some day–

The one I can’t forget because for some reason his name is on my yahoo and even in blogs I watch on youtube, is Jimmer Fredette. His average points for a game is around 30. In their most recent game they won with 89 points, if they got around that each time that would mean that he made 1/3 of the points. Look at this impressiveness:

That picture is why I wanted to make a post on my most recent obsession.

I’ve also been questioning the hell out of my dad for general rules. I think I got most of it down except for fouls. That still doesn’t make any sense to me. Technical and Personal, sometimes they shoot, sometimes they don’t. Three personal and you’re out of the game for a while (20 min?) I think my favorite new learn is the shot clock. I tried watching a NBA game the other day and their shot clock was 25 seconds. AND they had quarters! I was so confused!

Games determining the Elite Eight start tonight and I get to watch the Jayhawks — I always say fight… Fight the Richmond Spiders, haha. But I MEAN play. I decided not to watch with other people anymore. I watched with a friend the other day and she told me I shouldn’t watch sports anymore. I don’t realize I’m talking/screaming at the TV is all.

Before I go, I just found this article, which I was laughing at. Apparently BYU has this thing where if you have premarital sex, you get kicked off the team- READ THIS. Someone did and got kicked off and the reporter is asking the coach questions about how Florida would do if they had the honor code.

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