Korean Music Fail

The other night on Kpopflash one of the streamers started playing random MVs after inkigayo ended, all of which made me wonder just what the hell are kpop composers thinking when they write their crazy ass song!? So here’s a few songs that you will hopefully not have to suffer thru more than just this once!

Warning: Engrish, Very foul language/Explicit lyrics, All around scary looking/sounding men and women

o__o Nword Nword Nword Monday?!

Yes…she did say that….

Painful I know and scary!


No sense what so ever!

And lastly everyone’s fave jailbait!

*sighs* I love Kpop!


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12 responses to “Korean Music Fail

  • Starryeyedfacebreaker

    Hahaha it’s like America and any other country!lol alas, Korea isn’t perfect musically either

    • rohxez

      lol well at least kpop kinda has an excuse seeing as their native language isnt english but its inexcusable when american songs make no sense lol xD

  • ashskylar

    Okay, first of all that Dok Go Die one scared the living shit out of me and then I couldnt stop laughing! And also, that Mazeltov song. WTF.
    I wish I had a really awesome memory. There was this one Japanese band I found once, and the music video was the craziest ass thing EVER! I am always always trying to find it, but all I remember is that it was screamo of sorts and he was… freaky.

    • rohxez

      IKR!! LOL theyre all hilarious to listen to! and i wish i knew what song you were talking about sounds like it would definitely go with this list of kpop fail xD

  • ashskylar

    Make sure your headphones are turned down when you watch this- I finally asked a friend from high school- after years of looking, haha. But:
    Its Japanese. This is a quick pick she drew on yahoo chat sometime after we happened across it: http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee178/AshSkylar/TheOneFreak.jpg

  • Jk.

    Yes, there are a lot of Korean songs that misuse English words and phrases, but you’re wrong about the first song. “Nword Nword Nword Monday” as you called it, is actually Korean–not English. It means, “You, You, You, What are you?” Essentially, with that phrase he is rhetorically asking, “Who are you to do this to me? What authority do you have?”
    So yea, Eun Ji Won was thinking of something in KOREAN when he composed that “crazy ass song.”
    And I understand. There are tons of songs that definitely have English words and phrases that they pulled out of their asses–but don’t get cocky and assume anything that sounds familiar to the English language is actually in English.

    • rohxez

      First off thanks for taking the time to comment! Its really appreciated!
      Second, I wasn’t trying to be cocky. I know what the song means in Korean. I made sure to look up the lyrics just to know what exactly it was that he was saying. However, I was only playing on the pun, seeing as it does sound like an english derogatory word. Others hear it and so do I. And I didn’t make this post to hate on or put down Korean music; was just poking fun at the lyrics. I’m a Big Bang fan so I can’t hate on what I love. So don’t assume that I just make up these post, half-assed like some ignorant American.

  • rohxez

    Oh god and before anyone has hernia over it I AM AMERICAN and I’m not afraid to say that my country is full of close-minded bigots and ignorants. Cause its true get over it.

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