Kim Heechul Hit in the Eye During Super Show 3

I find this messed up.

Seriously. Why do fans think its a good thing to throw stuff at their idols! We were just talking about this the other day! Some fan threw sunflower seeds at Top during a fan signing- and Seungri was saying that girls have been throwing stuff at him as well. Who the hell wants to be remembered for that?

What THAT girl is going to be remembered for is probably being the first person murdered at a concert. I hope security was able to get there and get her out before she was crushed by an angry mob!

Okay, forget the fact that throwing something at them in the middle of their freaking concert- lets point out that they’re throwing things that can HURT their idols. What happened to the days when girls used to throw bras on stage! Or a plushie, or a sponge with your face glued on it!

And, I mean- this is Heechul. Hes the only freaking kpop idol that the ENTIRE world knows– via days and days of twitter trending! Egh, this just pisses me off something feirce.

Sources: GoKpop, AllKPop


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8 responses to “Kim Heechul Hit in the Eye During Super Show 3

  • rohxez

    LOL you quoted me xDD and IKR!! I am indignant! I wish I had been there so I could have pulled that dumb chicks hair and body slammed her into the side of the stage. There’s just no excuse for hurting your favourite idol. I would never throw anything harmful at GD (or throw anything at him for that matter)! In fact I’d prefer it if GD threw something at me! Preferably his boxers or something! (after a good 4 hour wash and a 2 hour disinfectant soak they’d be good to wear!) Its people like her that make idols dislike their jobs and their fans. >:[

  • ashskylar

    I was going to say, haha. What you think you can get pregnant for that!? lol! Why is he randomly jizzing on stage? lmao!

    • Rohxez

      the excitement would be too much for him and he would have to let it out (thru his wenis) unfortunately he wouldnt able to perform like that so in an act of desperation to save his image he would hide behind something take off his pants then his panties and go commando and to get rid of the evidence he would throw his soiled lingerie at the rabid fans and hit me in the shoulder (thank god it wasnt my face!! and lucky that i wear 2 shirts just in case something like this could happen) thus how I would come about to owning a pair of GDjizzed boxers

      • ashskylar

        Alright, this whole time whenever you said wenis, I thought you literally meant elbow. Now I know you mean penis.
        Be a grown up woman!

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