Beastly (Movie Review)

Before I go into explaining why I mostly disliked the movie- I just want to say that I did find the movie cute and would watch it again in the future.

My sister and I have been looking forward to this movie for some time- maybe about two or three months now. I took off work, and we saw it today- the day it came out. First off, we had a really annoying crowd. Not as bad as when we saw New Moon in the movie theaters, but still– cat calls, and clapping when the characters finally say I love you. Nothing I hate more. Stop being interactive you stupid little girls! It sort of made it harder for me to enjoy this cheesy little flick.

I posted about this movie a while back, just the trailer and who’s in it and such- but as time came closer, I could tell by newer trailers that it was going to be corny. So I basically went in hoping to see what kind of an actor Alex Pettyfer is and hoping to be entertained by Neil Patrick Harris. I was happy to find that Alex is a very good actor, and Neil’s parts were easily the best of the movie. I was surprised to find that Vanessa Hudgens is also a pretty good actress! They did manage to have some chemistry even with the forced storyline!

I did NOT know going in that Mary-Kate Olsen was the one playing witch Kendra. Speaking of, I absolutely love everything everyone in the whole movie wore. Mary-Kate had some cute outfits, and I really like how Alex dresses himself.

All in all, I think that the writers could have come up with something a little less corny, but I really like the story premise. My sister and I had to duck down in our seats a couple times to quiet our laughs. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to the Rohx’s of the world. My sister would whisper me stuff she thought was going to happen and I was always disappointed when it didn’t. I feel like there could have been more of an inner struggle with our main character. Basically, I just think the whole story line was too rushed. Then again, there were things that we saw in the trailer that didn’t show up on the screen- so maybe it will be in some sort of extended version or something.

I don’t know. I still left the movie thinking the same thing that I thought the moment the movies started. Alex Pettyfer is incredibly gorgeous. I don’t think I learned anything from the movie.

Beastly 3/4/11


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2 responses to “Beastly (Movie Review)

  • starryeyedfacebreaker

    its just beauty and the beast 2.0 woman!beauty and the beast was a pretty cheesy love story so of course this would be lol. I still wanna see it though

    • ashskylar

      Thats what I said in my original post.
      And thats why I didnt actually mind the movie that much. Normally I would have been like- eww, but because this movie is based off Beauty and the Beast- ah, damn! They should have it like- egh, and in the commerical they kidnap her! And hes running! Wth!? They left out half the storyline!!

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