The Guild: Season Four

For anyone who isnt aware of this, they have finally put up season four of the guild on youtube. They’ve had it on their site for some time now, because I watched it before TPX existed. If you haven’t already watched it on the site, here is episode one of season four.

For those of you that aren’t aware what The Guild is- its a youtube show about a group of people that play an online game together and decide to meet. They become eachothers support systems, so to say, in the real world, which they don’t function so well in.

This is the first episode, Season One:

I freaking love this show. I love Felicia Day from this show. She is also in my other favorite youtube show Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, which I posted about previously, HERE. THAT show has freaking Neil Patrick Harris! I’m going to go see him in Beastly tonight! Ah! And i just found out that the producer for The Guild, Kim Evey is also the producer of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show! (Here)

Anyway, if you have ever played video games online, or have… really any humor in your bones at all, you would and will really enjoy this show. if you have already seen it, whos your fav character? Mine is probably Tink- though I think Clara being stupid as all hell is also quite hilarious. Mm, I also love Zaboo. I love how in season four he gives that crazy picture to Cyd- his character is hilarious.


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