GD&TOP in Manhwa

GD and TOP are seen in a couple of the pages in a manhwa (korean manga) called The Breaker: New Waves (it is the second part of the first series called The Breaker)

If you look closely to the upper left hand corner of this page you can catch a glimpse of GD&TOP’s promo wall poster thing

On this page you catch a glimpse of GD’s beautiful smile and half of TOP’s gorgeous mug!

And on this last page you can see all of TOP’s face! And some more of GD’s smile!

Synopsis of The Breaker:  The new HR teacher, Chun-woo is not your ordinary teacher with his wily ambitions and neglect of a bullied boy, Shin-woo. However, after Shin-woo unexpectedly witnesses his great power, he begs Chun-woo him to teach him. He accepts only after Shin-woo throws his body into a deep river to prove his will. However, Shin-woo did not know how strong his master is. Stronger than he can imagine! He is a killer, with mastery of nine martial arts who was hiding himself after a big mission!

Check out The Breaker from what I saw its got a pretty interesting story line and the artwork is detailed and well done.  Other Manhwa you might like that I loved are called Ares (awesome) and Rolling (shounen ai).

*Thanks to Kaye for the heads up!*


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7 responses to “GD&TOP in Manhwa

  • Romi

    oh man. totally gonna check this out

  • Jae

    i was like wtffff those two do not look like GD&Top… then i realized many minutes later that they were the background image LOL

  • Anonymous

    This is random but…I was wondering, the manhwa Rolling, have you read all of it? Because I’m trying to find it al over the places to know what happens after the first volume, but I’ve no idea.

    • rohxez

      Actually i know exactly what you’re talking about! i actually own the first volume to that manhwa it was released by Tokyopop a few years back. unfortunately because of Tokyopop’s going out of business all their series have been dropped so there aren’t going to be anymore volumes of Rolling published any time soon. But you can probably search around for Rolling scanlations. tho its highly doubtful there might be someone out there scanning it
      im actually gonna do that, search for scans, cause the original Korean cover is so pretty makes me wanna read it lol xDD
      thanks for commenting!

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