The Hunger Games (3)

*Wipes tears out of eyes* This just made me cry SO hard. This is the most amazing thing ever! This follows the books explaination almost perfectly! That is one freaking amazing Katniss! Apparently she’s going up for the part, and I am perfectly freaking fine with her being Katniss~!

Also, it says in the comments that after Lionsgate announces who the cast is going to be, they will decide if theyre going to post another one they made which they call the ‘cave scene’. That means a Petta/Katniss scene which I need them the post NOW. They’re so damn good!

The girl who plays Katniss is Danielle Chuchran. From her wikipedia and IMDb she doesnt seem like she can be Katniss- but we’ve just seen that she CAN. She is also the perfect age to be our dear Katniss~ Her demo roll on IMDb pretty much says she can do ANYTHING.

Also, I dont know where he got this info, but a friend of mine said the movie has a 60million dollar freaking budget! Movies like Avatar took about 500m to make- True Grit, something like 100m. Is 60m going to be enough to do all of that Capitol and Trackerjackers and such? Feel like I need to go out and start fundraising for them or something… BUT, I dont think that can be right because, freaking WORST MOVIE EVER! (The Last Airbender) cost 280m to make…

Also, I know I said before that Chloe Moretz shouldnt be Katniss- but I just found out that shes almost 15 and shes also Hit Girl from Kick Ass- so shes already had a place in an action movie. Also, from the little bit of talking in THESE clips of her, she sounds like a good actress~ I’ll have to see the movie to be a better judge.
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