The Hunger Games (2)

They have on IMDb that Gabriel Liotta will be playing Petta in the Hunger Games movie, but Im pretty sure that has something to do with the ‘edit’ button next to it.

I found that picture on– though IMDb itself no longer has that Chloe person as Katniss. She can’t be our Katniss. I also think NO for what I found on that Gabriel guy… Katniss needs to be really pretty, but have hard features, she needs to just look kind of mean…

But because I was very scared for a moment about that, I decided to go see what other actors fans have chosen to play their favorite characters. My favorite is probably THIS one, as far as looks. I dont know how all these people are as actors though, and- as much as I would appreciate if we had some not so famous cast in here- I dont want it to be like the Avatar: the Last Airbender movie fiasco of fail acting.

Anyway, a lot of people have basically decided that they want Alex Pettyfer to play Petta. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t mind that but now… Well, he just looks to old… Petta is supposed to be 16– Alex is 20- Look at him, here. And, even to play the 16 year old, he would have to work out a lot– However, he would make an amazing Dean Robillard… (From Natural Born Charmer) The other two people a lot of fans have chosen have REALLY big mouths. I would prefer someone my age over someone with a giant mouth…

A lot of people had that Chloe Mortez as Primrose, which I find acceptable. She looks like she could pull off a supper adorible good little girl– one person suggested Jackson Rathbone as Cinna, which, I am also fine with. I know his acting, I thought his Sokka was the only good thing about AtLA. A lot of people said Willow Smith for Rue, but- she doesn’t look like she should be flying through the trees… And I would kind of prefer if they didnt have to make the tree climbing look fake and fail like in Twilight. (They dont ever have to actually show her jumping through the trees, cause Katniss only hears it- just in case the director thinks this is necessary…) I am very VERY fine with Robert Downey Jr. as Haymitch.

So Basically:
Haymitch: Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Laurie
Foxface: Emma Stone

I guess Ill add or repost as time gets nearer.


This makes me want to move east. haha– Freaking region 8? Maybe I will like it better once Petta and Katniss have visted it, but what could they POSSIBLY contribute to the capitol. We dont have anything! Thanks to ilovezuko123 (spaz! Avatar fan!) For working that out. She also seems to be team Petta and has a couple works based on the books.

Braved a snowstorm and getting my car stuck in the snow to go buy Catching Fire and Mockingjay today, I guess I better actually get back to reading them.

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4 responses to “The Hunger Games (2)

  • caycayrae

    EHHH, okay, Peeta. No. He can not be that. Maybe. I’ll have to look that up. xD But yeah, Emma Stone would be good for Foxface. And Robert Downey Jr. for Haymitch. That’d be sweet!

  • Ellysey

    WOAH! Just looked at the possible cast for THG and my goodness, I agree with you and caycayrae-san! I DON’T WANT THAT GUY TO BE PEETA AND THAT GIRL TO BE KATNISS! (;A;) First of all, that guy isn’t blond and blue eyes like Peeta and he doesn’t seem like the type to be great at camouflaging and frosting either and he looks like a playboy which is SO not Peeta! (HAHAHA! Judgmental much?! XD) And that girl looks weak and doesn’t look like a hunter at all. =\ GOSH! Can’t they look for better people!? But Robert Downy Jr. as Haymitch and Emma Stone as Foxface is good but she looks kind. HAHA. Anyway, I’mma do my own research on actors and actresses and see who I want to be the cast. Ehehe. Bro (who’s also a THG fan) and I are talking about the cast weeks before. Hahah. Anyway, I’m off to do some stalking~

    • ashskylar

      Those people, I believe, are not even going to be considered. Make-up can make him blond- but like I said, the chick who plays Katniss has to look slightly mean. She has to have SOME flaw in her face… I dont know…

  • The Hunger Games (3) | toiletpaperexpress

    […] Also, I know I said before that Chloe Moretz shouldnt be Katniss- but I just found out that shes almost 15 and shes also Hit Girl from Kick Ass- so shes already had a place in an action movie. Also, from the little bit of talking in THESE clips of her, she sounds like a good actress~ I’ll have to see the movie to be a better judge. —- Previous Hunger Games Posts 1 and 2. […]

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