The Hunger Games


My sister finally brought me The Hunger Games. I read about twenty pages before my first client on saturday, thought about it through all three clients. Went home and immediately started reading it again. Ate and showered, thinking only about what was going to happen next. Read until bed, where I dreamt of it. Woke up and found I was still holding the book, where I again began to read it. Read it before, thought about it during, and read again after my clients. Came home and read until… now.

If you’ve never heard of The Hunger Games, it’s the story of a girl named Katniss who finds herself being a tribute to a game the capitol plays once a year, where they pull a male and a female (ages between 12-18) from each of the twelve districts- throw them in arena, and make them fight to the death. Everything is televised for the people of the Capitols entertainment. The people of the 12 districts forced into watching as their loved ones die.

I have about 50 pages left, and have NO idea how this is going to be made into a triology… I have fifty pages in, but by the fifth pages I was already very glad they are going to be making this into a movie. (Dont use that as an excuse not to watch it- because you know they’ll fuck it up.) I also dont want to wait until March, 2012 when it’s schedualed to come out. You can assume that I will keep TPX up to date about this.

Also, because I have been mostly incorrect about anything that actually happened so far–EGH! *goes off into guessing world* Now Im about to cry… ((( Okay, so my current guess is that Katniss and Petta win, but then they do something that make the capitol mad and they have to flee from them… like the avox girl– Even thinking about, I know all the capitol people are completely horrible people that love watching people die and everything, but I have a feeling that the rule change and everything is going to permenately mess up the game.…)) Egh, EGH! My sister said that this story effects a person, but it still kills my soul to the point that when Im not in it and crying or cringing, Im crying just thinking about it.

The author the book, Suzanne Collins, says that she came up with the story line from watching tv and flipping between reality tv and watching things from the war in Iraq. That should give you some idea of what you’d be dealing with in this game. Except, everyone is forced into it, and they’re not even adults yet…

Its still not quite as disturbing as Gone, and thankfully there arent too many strange creatures running around killing them- but it’s still probably going to haunt my dreams from time to time.

I was reading HERE that there is a school that teaches this book– to eight graders… Um, I’m 21 and this book is frightening to think about… It says that parents called her saying that their kids wated the trilogy for Christmas- if they were excited about it, its surely because they themselves did not bother to read it… Ah well, maybe it is good to let your kids read stuff like that– scare them into trying to do some good for the world, so it doesnt end and they’re childrens children are left to be the starving slaves of people that want nothing more then to remind them daily that they are helpless…

More on The Hunger Games Trilogy later.

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