Tard Obsession

I dont know how I came about them on youtube, but I found this amazing family about two weeks ago and have watched everything they’ve come out with since, even the 20 min videos. Shay and the rest of his family are, right now, my favorite part of the day.

This was the first episode I saw. I was completely freaked out when he pretty much feel on babytard. I didnt feel better until she got up and started beating him up, haha. I also didnt realize at first that they dont tell the kids what to say. I swear, every single video makes me seriously happy. If you like these two, make sure you watch the fishing one. Princesstard is super cute, and a fish pees on Carlytard (the aunt). Also in the video from above you get to see the bodyslams- everytime they freak me out, but its hilarious too. Bodyslam surface from time to time.

They Shaytards are made up of Daddytard, Mommytard, Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard. They also have this great dane name Malachi who is just like- Im giant! Shay does this funny voice for him. He has been doing this all year, until March 5th, his 31st birthday.

Princesstard always screems, just to warn you. I love how opposite Princess and Babytard are. Babytard is always like, I love you daddy, and Princess tard is like, Ima jump off this shelf now!


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