Beastly- March 4th 2011

(Warning: Watching all the clips I posted practically gives away the whole plot) But actually, you should watch them all– becuase they’re all pretty different.

This is basically the story of beauty and the beast. (Always one of the greatest love stories- I’d be fine with a million version of this tale.) There are a couple clips in this trailer that suggest to me that they might seriously ef up their chance at a beautiful story line with a little too much cheese- and I have this unreasonable dislike for Vanessa Hudgens if it isn’t Sneaker Night–but this looks REALLY good.

In the one that I originally saw it looked like the person that put that spell on him was a witch- and he dissed her, called her ugly. THIS one. I am aware that this is the opposite of what the movie is about, but that Alex Pettyfer is pretty. Ah shit! Hes gots him a brittish accent! *stalks* PLUS, I am in efing love with Neil Patrick Harris, so that makes it a must see.

I saw a clip in an interview that made me even more excited- you can see it HERE. Basically, it looks like she gets kidnapped or something. Sounds efin dramatic and romantic- and those are my favorite things. Shizam! Watch THIS one too!


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