Smartphones Up for Attack??

If you walk into a store or down the street you’re bound to see people steadily chatting on a cellphone, others rapidly typing up a super longass text message to their OMGSBFFF. How many of those people actually have a simple phone now?? You know one of those grossly OLD phones made for just calling and just texting?? (jaedoes) Not me, I tell you!

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m definitely part of that generation that could love a little amazing, square piece of technology called an Iphone more than life itself! People do everything on their smartphones; listen to music, text, check twitter, check email, calendar, weather, games, Big Bang, bank account, credit card, EVERYTHING! in fact according to AT&T and Apple, smartphones have amazingly outsold PCs under the table this past year. So its safe to say that people absolutely depend on their phones to function on a daily basis, people trust their phones!

Well recently Apple and AT&T have released a statement mentioning how smartphones are increasingly at risk to virus attacks. Namely things like trojans, and service denial types; in other words viruses that could breach your privacy AND hinder the functionality of your precious smart phone. Apple has said that they are working on patching up the security hole, however the problem lies in that its pretty damn hard to control what goes in and out of the phones of thousands of people!

So what can you do to to protect your phone? Don’t download supicious Apps. Microsoft smartphone users reported viruses acquired through applications installed onto their phones. A smartphone is like a mini-computer, similarly entering infected websites can also put your phone at risk. Know what site you’re visiting and only go to trusted pages.

Love your phone! Its part of your life. Protect it! (<__< sounded like a cult leader….)


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