The Ballad of Mona Lisa (MV)- Panic! Updates

This came out something like four days ago, but I just remembered that I needed to go back to it. The first night it came out, for some reason, it wouldnt play on youtube or on…

I would just like to thank Panic! for giving us not only a MV with an actual storyline, but Brendon being crazy crazy. haha. I loved all his faces- I wonder if he had to yellow his teeth to do this part…

I am very excited for Vices and Virtues.

Speaking of which, the boy’s put the tracklist up on their site. I am happy to see that it is a full album. I guess Im used to asian bands which their singles, haha.

1. The Ballad of Mona Lisa
2. Let’s Kill Tonight
3. Hurricane
4. Memories
5. Trade Mistakes
6. Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)
7. Always
8. The Calander
9. Sarah Smiles
10. Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…)

Brendon’s speaking voice is really deep, I dont know why this did not occur to me. This was also posted on their site, but if you havent been there, then you havent listen to this bit of interesting.

I went through such a sad time with Panic during and after Pretty Odd, that whenever Northern Downpour (Their fansite) asked me if I wanted to renew I would just get pissed. It also didnt occur to me until now that I could follow them on twitter! I am seriously considering preordering the CD, the $25 one with the T. If you want to preorder, you can do so HERE. The CD will come out on March 29th.

Also, Dallon and Ian seem to be the names of the other people playing with them now. I was wondering, and so you might be as well.


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