Big Bang Funny/Cute Fail Moments!

This is a YouTube video I ran across today full of our beloved Big Bang and their on stage fail moments! It’s so fn cute!!My favorite part would have to be at 1:32 with Taeyang…omg I felt so bad!lol And I love how GD is always the first to laugh his ass off at everyone!*sighs* Love you Big Bang!!


2 responses to “Big Bang Funny/Cute Fail Moments!

  • ashskylar

    haha, GD IS always laughing at them! Haha, and I dont know if its really fail that his wristband came flying off, so much as the boy need to eat.

  • rohxez

    Omg I loved this! GD I love him! Always the one to laugh his ass off xDD Like in KMidol World GD laughed his ass off during the wrestling match no more like rolled on the floor laughing his ass off! (never really noticed how much easier roflmao really was .__.) Thank you for posting this! Totally made my day!

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