Music Monday: Supa Love

Woot! Simon and Martina did Teen Top for Music Monday!

I love how they always notice things I dont. I couldnt really tell if they actually enjoyed this song, or they were just told to do it. Oh well! *goes off to listen to the song*

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2 responses to “Music Monday: Supa Love

  • Starryeyed

    Haha that was funny!mr.p is actually the guy who made the group and Korean music videos never make a lot of sense to me anyways but I still watch em like crazy lol.also all members of kpop bands get weird English nicknames they do not like….whyyyy??I don’t really know lol

    • ashskylar

      haha, yea. All of their videos usually make fun of the MV is SOME way. A lot of the dances have the sprinkler, oddly. And the running man. They’re always pointing that out when i dont even notice. I think the story line was probably supposed to be that Mr. P’s daughter was missing. Woah… now I wanna watch Totally Spies. haha

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