DVD release for February

So Feb’s just started and for those of us that have money (me NOT included) it means a whole new month of goodies to spend on!  For those of us who love anime (me included) that means a whole slew (or maybe not) of anime DVDs being released by some of our favourite (or most hated) subbing/licensing companies! So, while you could go to each and every subbing/licensing site to check out their releases one by one you can also do that here! All at once! and at the same time! Talk about convenience served on a silver platter!

.__. You’ll find the releases by clicking on the page break!

(copy and pasting this was excruciating Dx)


Initial D – Stage 2 2/1/11 $29.98 1 – 13
Trinity Blood – Complete Series – BluRay – Reprice 2/1/11 $49.98 1 – 24
Love and Honor – Live Action Movie – Reprice 2/1/11 $14.98 L.A. Movie
Chrome Shelled Regios – Part One – LE 2/8/11 $64.98 1 – 12
Chrome Shelled Regios – Part Two 2/8/11 $59.98 13 – 24
Afro Samurai – Resurrection, The Movie BluRay – reprice 2 2/8/11 $19.98 Movie
Afro Samurai – Director’s Cut BluRay – reprice 2 2/8/11 $14.98 1-5
Dragon Ball – 4 Movie Pack – Remastered 2/8/11 $34.98 4 Movies
Celestial Films – The Lady Hermit 2/15/11 $14.98 L.A. Movie
Case Closed – Movie 6 – The Phantom of Baker Street – reprice 2/15/11 $14.98 Movie 6
Summer Wars – Movie 2/15/11 $29.98 Movie
Summer Wars – Movie – Blu-ray 2/15/11 $34.98 Movie
Ichi – Movie – Reprice 2/22/11 $19.98 L.A. Movie
Ichi – Movie – BluRay – Reprice 2/22/11 $19.98 L.A. Movie
Chrono Crusade – Complete Series 2/22/11 $49.98 1 – 24
Alien vs Ninja – Live Action Movie 2/22/11 $24.98 L.A. Movie
Alien vs Ninja – Live Action Movie – Blu-ray 2/22/11 $29.98 L.A. Movie
FLCL – Season Set – Classic 2/22/11 $39.98 1 – 6
FLCL – Season Set – Classic – Blu-ray 2/22/11 $44.98 1 – 6

Bandai Entertainment:

5 Centimeters Per Second [Pre-order! Available 02/22/2011]

Sentai Filmworks:

Suck because they don’t put a release date on any of their anime =__= (not really they’re subs are good)

Anyway thats pretty much all I cared to look for!  If there’s an anime licensing company you would like me to add in the future let me know! I’m not going to bother with manga seeing as that would be so killer on my patience, haha!  As you can see Funimation has the most shizz going out this month even tho they get so hated on. I personally like how they put an anime all together into a complete series on 2-4 dvds and not into giant 20 dvd set.

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