The Looking Glass Wars.

I have FINALLY just finished reading the Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor. It took me somewhere around 6 months? I set it down and next thing I knew I was finding it my bookshelves liike– “Ah, I never finished this!” Despite the fact that it was forgotten, I did actually enjoy the book.

Looking Glass Wars is a different way of looking at the story of Alice Heart. It expalins that Alice wasnt in our world and fell into wonderland, but that she was actually from Wonderland and then jumped into our reality to escape death.

There were two reason that I managed to finish this book. One, the world could be ANYTHING. Wonderland is based on imagination. Second, I really enjoyed that Alice had a love interest- of sorts. Dodge, as a child was seriously amazing. I enjoyed the thought of Dodge as an adult to- but apparently he was more interested in revenge then love, and unfortunately, I dont agree with that. This in fact is the ONLY reason that I want to read the next book. I want to see if they end up together or not. Im assuming so. Here is how I think the book should have ended.

(Highlight to read) Alice should have gotten hurt in her fight with Redd and Dodge should have had to choose her and run out with her. He could have had the last chapter be Alice waking up and Dodge being like, omg, love confession! I would have been happy, and calling up my friend for the next book.

Also, I must say, I was VERY scared when they had Alice ‘wake up’ in our reality. I was like, no efn way Mr. Frank- *reads a setence from last page* Okay, good. Guy is a good writter, I suppose, I never knew what was going to happen on the next page. But, that is the beauty of, for the most part, making up your own world.

The Sequal is called Seeing Redd, and I will probably get to that after I finish The Maze Runner, The Scorth Trials, and the four other books Im currently in the middle of- The Host, Lightening Theif– some others. If you’ve read The Looking Glass Wars and have a better ending idea, share it with me in the comments. OR if you’ve read Seeing Redd and know that it is amazing, let me know. 


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