Kingdom Hearts is Back!

So guess what people! Some of you might have heard of this already, unfortunately, I just only found out about Square Enix’s recent release of the cellphone game KH re:coded! Well…I knew about it when it was in Japan of course but naturally since I’m not in Japan I hadn’t played it and it had completely slipped my mind until today when I saw it at Best Buy and was like, “HOLYSHIT! that’s not Roxas OR Axel!”  So yeah I bought it without hesitation (or shame -__-“)! Aaand right now I’m gonna tell you guys about it!

Click the cut to find out more about Kingdom Hearts Re:coded!

Anyway this game was released on the 11th of this month in this year (1/11/11)  and has been receiving good reviews by all the “big name” video game sites buuuuut I don’t care about them! I care about what IIII think of the game so here’s MY review!

First of all I hated having to start this game without finishing 358/2 days (no I haven’t finished that! its just sooo looong and some missions are sooo boring Dx) but I figured I’d just play the intro to re:coded then force myself to finish the other later.

Now! What is re:coded about!?  Well its technically a retelling of Kingdom Hearts I but told from Jiminy’s journal.  Jiminy finds that all his records of Sora’s journey have been erased and replaced with a single message “their hurting will end when you return” (or something like that).   So he and Mickey get the brilliant idea to run the journal thru a computer (with the help of Chip and Dale <3) and try finding the problem behind the missing records.  What they find is that all the information has some how been corrupted and is no longer accessible.  So they get yet another brilliant idea to “ask someone within the journal” what is wrong inside and guess who they pick! NO! Not Roxas! They pick Sora! Yes, happy boy Sora is back as the protagonist/hero again (*sniffs* i’ll miss you Roxas) and I have no idea where they get him from because he’s suppose to be in a pod (while Roxas frolics with Axel in their questionably straight friendship of Nobodys) getting his memories back.

But anyway Sora ends up in a computer and you start off exactly where kingdom hearts one starts with you choosing a power that you want and another that you want to discard.  The graphics as far as gaming are the same as PS2 graphics which considering the fact that you’re playing this on a DSi is actually very impressive.  All the controls are similar to other KH portable games. The only difference being the actual fighting.

The “A” button is your general attack button, mash it a hundred times to slash at heartless endlessly and “B” is your jump button.  Unlike Chain of Memories where you used the cards and 358/2 days where you used the slots in Re:coded you use microchips to gain abilities and upgrade your keyblade.  They keep the concept of having to use slots(chips) to level up instead of just leveling based on exp. points.

One of the things Kingdom Hearts has always been bad at is cameras and this game is no different.  The angling of the camera drives me crazy and I have to constantly keep pressing R to have the camera behind Sora.  The locking system isn’t too great press R+L to lock and instead of locking onto the obviously important/deadly enemy infront of Sora it locks onto the useless box a little to the right. Smarter targeting please SquEnix for KHIII perhaps?? Anyway something else that drives me crazy is the Command prompts.  To use your ability chips you instal them into your Command Matrix in the start menu then during combat you use them with”X” and flip thru them with “L” (similar to the deck of cards in KHCoM). Selecting a command with “X” will make Sora do a special move then you have to wait for it to recharge before it can be used again.  On second thought its actually pretty nifty when it comes to potions you don’t have to go all the way down to the “items” bar you can just toggle it super fast! (tho in that case you could just make a shortcut like in 358/2 days)

For a game originally made for cell phones the graphics are great! Kingdom Hearts II graphics in the special past game cuts and Kingdom Hearts I graphics during the general story mode. The chatting bubbles are cute too! Sora’s body is there now instead of just his head which I love! They should have done that for 358/2 days honestly with Roxas and Axel. ( i think i’m one of the few people who actually love Roxas unconditionally).  Its completely KH style so nothing really new as far as battling and interacting.  The point of the game also doesn’t seem to serve to progress the KH “story line” any, so you’re not missing much if you don’t play it.  Tho it does seem like Namine is the girl focus of this game rather than Kairi (thank god!) and there’s a guy in a cloak (Riku perhaps?)  Who knows i haven’t gotten that far.  But looks so far like youre gonna have to replay all the levels in KHI but with a twist seeing as there’s a black coated guy there that wasn’t in KHI to cause trouble.

All images taken from Google. None of them were taken by me.

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