Jogging thru the Labyrinth

Hello people! Today’s post involves a pair of books I finished reading and I would be more than ecstatic to share them with you!  The book is called The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.

The Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner

Click the Cut to find out more about these two very awesome/interesting books!

The Maze Runner starts off as a story about a boy named Thomas, who wakes up in a metal box/elevator with no memories of who he is, or where he’s suppose to be. All he knows is that his name is Thomas and that he is obviously male.  Thomas gets sent to a place called The Glade, a clearing within a giant maze, where there are many other boys just like him with no memories and only a name to go by.  Supposedly, a boy is sent every month (or is it week?) on the same day at the same exact hour, however on the day after Thomas’ arrival a girl is sent up unknowingly triggering the end of the maze.  Its up to Thomas and his comrades to figure out the maze and get out before the Grievers (the monsters in the maze made by the organization WICKED) kill them all.

Then the Scorch Trials begin! Thomas and his friends are told that they are actually part of an experiment that the organization WICKED is conducting to record their reactions in life threatening situations.  They have all been infected with a virus called The Flare and they must cross the land now known as the Scorch to find the cure.  Once again, as Thomas begins to slowly regain his lost memories he and his friends face eminent peril and must fight for their lives against crazyass, nose grabbing, Cranks and even more monsters courtesy of WICKED.

Of course I’m being intentionally vague with the whole story, naturally its far more in depth than my crappy summary tells and very much worth a read. I guarantee it’ll keep you guessing, keep your reading, and keep you wanting and waiting for more! Tho I will admit that Dashner could have gone sooo much more in depth with this whole series, really could have made it into a more thought provoking series.  However it serves its purpose of entertaining and keeping a reader interested.  I absolutely loved this book the characters were my favourite! Minho is sooo WIN! I loved him too, haha!

This series is a trilogy with the 3rd book (The Death Cure) still in the making and slotted to release some time in Ocotober.  Keep your eyes peeled for it!! and read the first two!


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