Piggy Dolls

I was really hoping to love these guys. Atm, I can say that I like them. Its pretty impressive that these girls (Two 19 year olds and a 16 year old) who are also overweight could be performing on stage, for a TV show in a Korea. It kind of suprises me actually.

Honestly, I dont really like the MV for this song- but when I was just listening to it for the voices and reading the lyrics it was amazing. Read the lyrics– Mostly I think I was bothered by it because of the uglyness that is what they were wearing. If I saw it on 2NE1wearing that, I would be just as disgusted. But also because the girl in the back doesnt move.

HOWEVER, I tested like I usually do before deciding if I like a kpop band, by watching it live. I much prefered it live. Even the vocals were better. The short haird chick has a killer voice. Also, they were dancing, together in unison. All of them. It made me feel a little bit better to know that it really is helpful to have dance instructors if you dont want to look like an idiot while dancing. (And being overweight) I have hope for my dancing future! (There isnt one)(I just mean myself on the Wii.)

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