Seungri of Big Bang and his Epic Comeback

Hey people! Rohx, here.  For my first post I was gonna post about a book I read recently but I decided I could spazz about that at a later date. Like tomorrow!  Instead my post tonight is about YG’s most recent WIN with Seungri’s mini-album, VVIP!  In case you guys don’t know YG is a Korean music/talent agency and Seungri is a member of the Korean boy band Big Bang!  At this time Seungri is doing a mini-solo project in which he’s promoting his title songs “What Can I Do?” and “VVIP”.   While I was watching the MVs to these two songs I found myself very attracted to Seungri! haha He looks mighty fine!! Take a looksy, y’all!

What Can I Do?


What do you guys think?? Gorgeous, right?!


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