New To My Ears (11) – Round-Up

These songs aren’t necessarily new to my ears- but it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I figure I should share just a couple of the main obsessions that have graced my ears since our last posts.

Chet Faker has visited my ears most frequently over the past year. This song in particular was listened to at least twice a day for nearly three months not to long ago. Still can’t stop listening to it.

In maybe sixth place for most listens over the past year, more Chet.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, you missed my ENTIRE obsession with Twenty One Pilots and Sir Sly. (Links to similar post in my personal blog). By the grace of god the humans around me have also accepted both these bands and I can simply jump into any of their cars and find their music playing there as well. Twenty One Pilots songs Migraine and Car Radio have easily been listened to by me more times in the past year than any other song has ever been listened to by me in the course of my life.

THIS song (Remix) gets listened to almost every day. Despite having listened to it hundreds of times, sometimes the lyrics still make me cry. Her voice is so pretty and its really easy and fun to sing along to.

And lastly on my list of daily listens goes to a little song called Overdrive. WARNING– weird ass MV. This songs most important use in my life involves making showering a party!

Ed Sheeran- New To My Ears (10)

YouTube hoping again and I found Ed Sheeran. I don’t listen to the radio, so I am sure I am late on this boat. I believe I remember hearing A Team somewhere. These are a couple of the songs I am obsessed with now:

First and foremost-

Listened to it five times already in the last hour since I found it…

I really like the music video for this one. The end made me happy.

This one makes me sad. The lyrics are really amazing.

You can listen to the entire debut album here. Fifty points for being a gorgeous redhead.

New To My Ears (9)

What I am most obsessed with atm:

What I am second most obsessed with:

I heard it on my Pretty Lights station on Pandora, forgot what it was called, and spent weeks looking for it. Eventually someone pointed out that I could just check my history, and I’ve listened to it dozens of times since.

This song I just found. I am sick right now, but I can’t wait until I can blare it into my ears.

Lastly, I am in love with Lee Hi’s new song It’s Over. This video is actually of dance practice for a performance. I love the dance. It is so cute. There is hopping and spins, and umbrellas. I’m sure this was quite fun.

My Death by Laughter

So its been a while peeps, HA! I bet you missed me! …Or us… OR perhaps you didn’t even notice the lack of updates?!  Indeed.  ANYWAY!  I has returned with a video to entertain and hopefully suffocate you from ceaseless laughter!  …I speak from experience (my face still hurts).  I have never hoped for my face muscles to not strain more than I have during the watching of this video!

I bring you Olan Rogers!  One of the funniest storytellers I have had the fortune of finding (on tumblr fyi).  He’s hilarious! I love his stories, his personality, his laugh, his friend/roommate!  Aish, he seems like a great guy and its always fun watching him.

Here’s my personal favourite:

Check out all his videos at OlanRogers Youtube Channel.  Like his vids, subscribe to him, stalk him on twitter!!  Not that I do that. <.<  Also make sure you check out his Dare On Dare series you’ll be ROFLing for sure!

New To My Ears (8)

I went for a swing yesterday while listening to pandora.

The blisters from two hours of swinging, worth it.